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Community Supported Deliciousness Membership

Community Supported Deliciousness Membership

Join our Community Supported Deliciousness program! Similar to a CSA, when you join our CSD program, you’ll be helping us buy even more produce from our local farm partners.

What it is
🍓Our CSD program is a chance to pre-purchase your favorite spreads, salts, soups, meals, or whatever it is you love to buy from Small Batch Kitchen.

🍏It’s a dollar for dollar program, meaning for every dollar you spend on the program, you will receive back in the form of a gift card that you can use in-store, at markets and events, or online on any of our products.

🫐You’ll also be invited to join our new private VIP CSD Facebook Group and email list where you’ll be the first to hear about what’s going on in the kitchen, sneak peeks on new flavors or product releases (hint, we have one in the works!), share recipes for your favorite products, and you’ll be invited to join us for special events in our market every quarter.

🍒As a founding member of this program, you’ll also receive a special gift based on the dollar value that you spend on your opening membership.

Why It’s Important
🍐To be frank, the summertime is a tough cash season at Small Batch Kitchen. We are committed to supporting local farmers, which means we are purchasing a year’s supply of produce within 4 months of the year. We support 57, and counting, farms. With your committed support of our products, we’ll be able to continue and expand our mission of purchasing local.

Founding Member Levels
🍎While an investment of any amount is helpful, we’ve put together the following Founding Member Levels.

🧅All members will be invited to join us at a private celebration on Saturday, September 23rd to celebrate the start of fall. At the event, the other gifts listed below will be handed out to members. If you are not able to attend the event, your gifts will be mailed to you, along with a special tasting gift.

🍑$50 - Community Supported Deliciousness Founding Member Sticker

🍅$150 - Sticker and CSD Founding Member Tote Bag

🌶$500 - Sticker, Tote, and CSD Founding Member T-Shirt. FREE SHIPPING on all online orders while you are a member.

🍏$1,500 - Sticker, Tote, T-shirt, free shipping, and invitation for you and a guest to join Sheila for an exclusive cocktail party

By email, you will receive a link to join our private group and information about the September 23 celebration.
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