Recipe: Roasted Garlic Mustard Coleslaw

Recipe: Roasted Garlic Mustard Coleslaw

This month we have given our Flavor of the Month award to our Roasted Garlic Mustard. We once again turn to Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop to get this lovely organic garlic. Roasted to savory perfection, we add our garlic to brown and yellow whole grain mustard seeds for an incredible texture and bursts of flavor, then kick it up a notch with white wine and apple cider vinegar. This mustard isn't shy and will brighten up any dish.

For our first recipe with Roasted Garlic Mustard, I whipped up a nice summertime coleslaw.

One of my favorite perks about this job is being at the farmers markets. It's an incredible environment to work in and supporting my fellow vendors while bringing quality food home to my family is a win for everyone. I'm delighted to say that the bulk of our ingredients for this recipe were purchased at the Lansdale Farmers Market.



Roasted Garlic Mustard from Small Batch       Kitchen (yours truly)

Scallions from Green Zameen Farm
Cabbage from Kimberton CSA
Honey from Stagecoach Apiaries

Another fun thing about shopping around your local farmers markets is seeing the variety on the tables. I have never before seen such large scallions before and the flavor is so fresh and crisp I'm delighted there's so much to work with. I've seen green cabbage, I've seen purple cabbage, I've seen heads that were larger than a pumpkin- but I had never seen a conical cabbage before. It's slightly sweeter than a typical green cabbage and with a little less of a bite- perfect for this recipe.

Shall we get to it then?

2 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons Roasted Garlic Mustard
4 tablespoons plain unsweetened yogurt
1/4 tsp salt
black pepper to taste
1 large carrot, shredded
1/3 cup chopped scallions
3 cups of chopped cabbage

Mix together the honey, mustard, yogurt, salt and pepper for the dressing. Add the carrot, cabbage, and scallions to a large mixing bowl. Pour in the dressing and toss to coat.

A fresh and crunchy side, excellent for summer picnics and cookouts.

Happy tasting everyone!



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