Recipe: Raspberry Peach Cobbler

Recipe: Raspberry Peach Cobbler

As most of you know by now, we've moved into our new beautiful location on Main Street in Lansdale. In addition to the cafe, the new shop has a market featuring Small Batch Kitchen products, sustainable living items, natural cleaning, canning equipment, and locally made foods.

Browsing the shelves creates a lot of cooking and baking inspiration from me. I've found a lot of delicious treats and new foods to bring home as well as supplies I never even knew about.

I was trying to figure out a neat new idea for our first Raspberry recipe and as luck would have it I spotted the Haldeman Mills Cobbler mix on our shelves.  I grabbed some fresh peaches from the farmers market and a delicious dessert was created.

Haldeman Mills Cobbler mix, Small Batch Kitchen Raspberry Fruit Spread, and Trickling Springs organic milk (2% or Whole) available in our market.

*2 cups Cobbler Mix
*1/3 cup oil
*1 cup milk
*8 oz Raspberry Spread
*2 large peaches

*6- 8 oz empty and clean Small Batch Kitchen jars

Note: for this recipe I decide to assemble the cobbler in empty 8 oz and 4 oz jars that I had from spreads we had already eaten. Rather than one large cobbler to be scooped out, it makes for a ready made single serving. Alternately, you can use an 8X8 pan and increase the baking time to 40 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Farenheit.

For the fruit bottom:
Chop up the peaches into bite size pieces. If desired, toss with a small amount of flour and sugar. Divide the peaches into the bottom of your jars. Top with a heaping tablespoon of Raspberry spread.

For the cobbler:
Combine two cups of cobbler mix with 1/3 cup of oil (use melted coconut oil for added flavor) and one cup of milk. Divide evenly on top of fruit mixture.


Bake the cobbler jars for 25 minutes. Serve warm; optionally with ice cream for a summer night treat.

Ready for a picnic- just screw on the lid and grab a spoon!

Happy Tasting!




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