Now Selling: Pickle Fermenting Kits

Now Selling: Pickle Fermenting Kits

I taught several pickling classes over the summer and we had some pretty great feedback from those who attended. I loved getting the pictures from people who went home and successfully fermented or canned pickles.

As a part of the class, we gave out a basic fermenting kit to each student. Due to the positive feedback we've been getting about the pickling class and the kits - as well as the success I've had at home pickling with this equipment - I thought I'd offer the products for sale on our website to those who are interested in learning more about pickling, but couldn't attend our classes this year.

We are offering 4 different options.

1. Intro Kit

This is the kit we gave out as part of the pickling class. It's enough if you want to experiment with one batch at a time, to see if you like fermenting foods before diving into a more expensive setup. It includes one wide-mouth quart jar, 1 pickle pipe, and 1 pickle weight.

2 & 3. Set of 4 Pickle Pipes or Pickle Weights

If you already have the jars, and know you want to dive into making more than one batch, these two options are the way to go. You add the wide-mouth jars, buy these two products, and you'll be able to have 4 different ferments going at one time.

4. Gift Set

This set is perfect for gift giving. Set of 4 Pickle Pipes and Pickle Weights, an acacia wood vegetable tamper (perfect for assisting with fermenting krauts), and an introduction/recipe booklet.

You can find all of the above options on our store page - just scroll down to the DIY & Gift section. We'll be adding products to that section of the store periodically to share with you DIY Equipment, eco-friendly home items, or beautiful handmade gift items.

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