New Year - New Plans

New Year - New Plans

The new year always brings such promise. It's a chance to review the year that came before, celebrate the things done right, and, most importantly, set new goals!


2015 was a great year for Small Batch Kitchen, I had a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. I fine tuned recipes, met new growers, forged stronger relationships with farms and local businesses, expanded into our second farmer's market, and added four additional retail accounts. I also got to celebrate the fact that one of my spreads was named a Good Food Award Finalist! My favorite thing, however, was hearing all the positive feedback from my wonderful customers. Not just at the farmer's market, but at the tasting events, craft shows, facebook feedback, and email requests that came in during the holiday season. (Thank You!)


2016 promises to be an even better year. I've got some big plans and goals for my little kitchen!


Some of the things you can expect to see this year:


- A dedicated kitchen! That's right. We've outgrown the home kitchen and we're expanding! Don't worry, I'll still be the only cook and will still be cooking in small batches; but I need more counter, storage, and sink space than my home kitchen allows. I'll be spending some time early this year to convert an unused portion of my home into a dedicated Small Batch Kitchen - I'll keep you posted on the progress!


- Larger quantities of popular recipes. I've listened to you all season, and I know that I sold out too quickly of some of your favorite flavors (can anyone say "Sour Cherry"?). I'm big on analyzing data, and I'll be using that information to influence my produce selection and procurement over 2016. I'm always gathering data, too, so if there is something you want more of - let me know!


- A new website and an online store! I've listened - you need a way to shop when you can't make it to farmer's markets, a way to send your long distance friends and family a taste of PA, or a way to buy when the markets just aren't open. I'll be launching the e-store by the end of January and I'll be posting more about what you can find at our retailer's locations. 


- More communication. I always try to let you know the produce I'm working with, the recipes I'm creating, where I'll be, and how I'm using up those tasty spreads, but I'm going to be more consistent this year. This blog is a huge step in that direction. Here you'll be able to see progress on the new kitchen, progress on the vegetable and herb garden (which is expanding to grow more SBK produce!), as well as all the usual information. 


- Me. Yep! You'll see more of me. I'm going to be expanding into a few weekday farmer's markets this season and I'll be scheduling tasting events at current (and hopefully new!) retail locations. 


Thanks again for a great year! Hope to see you in 2016!

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