Flavor of the Month: Strawberry Rhubarb

Flavor of the Month: Strawberry Rhubarb

Time is flying by and this is such an exciting time of year for us. Spring brings us the Farmers Markets and delicious ripe produce. Rhubarb was more than ready for us this season and was ripe right at the beginning of May- just in time for the new Flavor of the Month: Strawberry Rhubarb. 

This exceptional spring flavor is the perfect balance of sweet and tart. With only 2- yes, TWO- grams of sugar per tablespoon this is a decadently guilt free treat. Brighten up your morning with some Strawberry Rhubarb topped yogurt or toast, and amaze your guests with a pound cake or cheesecake topped with Strawberry Rhubarb for dessert. Feeling cheesy? Pair this with chevre, triple creme, or mascarpone for an absolutely phenomenal combination.

So where does it come from?

Let's start with these strawberries. Certified Naturally Grown, our delicious strawberries come from none other than Living Hope Farm in Harleysville, PA. Located less than two miles from our kitchen, we get these beautiful berries the day that they're picked.Starting with perfectly ripened fruit gives us the best leg up to create delicious flavors. In 2018 we purchased over 1,200 pounds of these perfect berries to bring you Balsamic Strawberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, and the very limited Chocolate Strawberry. 

Onto the rhubarb..a truly spectacular vegetable. We get beautiful shades of greens and pinks from Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop in Lancaster, PA. Do you remember them from our very first flavor of the month? They are an amazing coop of over 100 organic farmers in Lancaster. If you're looking for a CSA to join, give their website a visit. In 2018 we purchased 260 pounds of organic rhubarb from LFFC, and this year we plan to purchase close to 1,000! All that beautiful rhubarb to bring you delicious Strawberry Rhubarb and Cardamom Rhubarb spreads. 


Keep an eye our for some new creative and delicious recipes using Strawberry Rhubarb Spread. What would you like to make?

Happy Tasting!

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