Flavor of the Month: Hot Pepper

Flavor of the Month: Hot Pepper

Welcome to our very first Flavor of the Month! January features not one, but three flavors: our hot pepper trio! 

Aren't they beautiful? Food is an art form and these remind me of stained glass.
Top: Ghost Pepper Spread, Left: Jalapeno Spread, Right: Hot Pepper Spread
Can you see the different peppers inside?

Our trio starts with the Jalapeno Spread. Just green jalapenos and poblanos, simmered and sweetened to a delightfully flavorful finish with just the right amount of heat. This spread is perfect in place of relish or matched with manchego or cheddar cheese.



To create our Hot Pepper Spread, we start with that beautiful jalapeno and poblano base then finish it up with some ripe in season peppers- cayenne, habanero, lemon, fish- creating a new layer of flavor with a satisfying heat. Try this on grilled cheese or pair with manchego or gouda. 


Last, but far from least, our Ghost Pepper Spread is not for the easily frightened. We combine about a third of our green pepper base, a third of that savory hot pepper base, and top it off with the scariest Ghost Peppers we can find. A powerful heat with a delectable flavor, mix this spread with cream cheese or glaze a meatloaf to truly amaze your guests. 









While some of our Ghost Peppers are grown right here at the kitchen, the rest of our hot peppers are organically grown in Lancaster, PA and delivered to us by Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop. LFFC is an incredible cooperative that connects over 100 organic farmers, all working together to care for the land used, enriching the future for us all. They coverage a wide distance in which you can schedule a pick up, with an online form for those who want to set up a new location. They have an incredible variety of shares- vegetables, meats, eggs, pantry items- to meet the needs of just about any family. In 2019 we purchased over 400 pounds of hot peppers to make these spread that spice up your life. If you're looking for a convenient way to bring your family delicious and nutritious food, click the logo above to visit Lancaster Farm Fresh's website.

We'll be posting some delicious new recipes featuring these spicy spreads so keep checking the blog. If you're in need of a jar, all three flavors can be found here.

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Happy snacking!


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