Flavor of the Month: Cherry Bourbon Chipotle

Flavor of the Month: Cherry Bourbon Chipotle

Here we are on our second Flavor of the Month already! February's flavor is our incredible and unique Cherry Bourbon Chipotle.

We start with some ripe and juicy sweet cherries, simmer them with some ground up chipotle pepper, and top it off with a hearty splash of quality Kentucky Bourbon. This versatile spread is delicious on burgers, pork chops, cheese plates, and -believe it or not- even brownies! We recommend pairing it with gouda, mild cheddar, or gruyere. 

Did you know that a chipotle is not a different type of pepper but rather a process? While jalapenos are well known for their green color, when they are fully ripened they turn red and have a higher heat index. These red jalapenos are then smoked and dried, adding a delicious smokey flavor to the heat of the pepper. 

Our delicious sweet cherries come from none other than Frecon Farms in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. In 2018 we purchased 700 pounds of this delicious fruit. In the kitchen we washed, de-stemmed, and pitted all those cherries to bring you this delightful flavor. Frecon Farms has a rich history, with the family's 3rd generation currently running the orchard and market. They put an incredible effort into growing quality fruit while working in harmony with the surrounding land and wildlife. You can read more about their growing practices on their website here. If you and your family enjoy picking your own fruit, head over to Frecon this fall and bring home baskets of fresh deliciousness. 

Did you hear? Our very own Cherry Bourbon Chipotle Spread won Third place in the Unique Condiments category of the 2019 Scovie Awards! The Scovie Awards are an annual international competition for all things spicy and barbecue. There's an incredible number of categories for all fiery foods lovers. Click the above image to find out more about this incredible gourmet competition. Have you tried this award winning spread yet? Leave us a comment with your favorite way to use it!

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Happy Tasting!

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