Flavor of the Month: Blueberry Basil

Flavor of the Month: Blueberry Basil

This month's flavor is one of our most popular: Blueberry Basil.

This incredible spread starts off with lovely sweet blueberries and finishes with the aromatic bliss of hand picked basil. A unique flavor indeed, it's sweet enough for your pancakes and the savory basil makes it a perfect glaze for your chicken. We recommend it on yogurt, grilled chicken, or as a vinaigrette dressing. Best paired with feta, camembert, or chevre this spread will be the highlight of any cheese plate. 


Our blueberries come from Blueberry Bill Farms in Hammonton, New Jersey. That's only a 60 mile trip for these sweets to get to our kitchen. In 2018 we purchased 780 pounds of blueberries to bring you this unique spread. Blueberry Bill is the place to go for blueberry picking and to pick up a blueberry plant for your garden. You can also buy bulk boxes of frozen blueberries year round to give your smoothies and baked goods that fresh sweet flavor. 


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Happy Tasting!


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