Flavor of the Month: Apple Pie

Flavor of the Month: Apple Pie

We're not fooling you with this spread: it's just like the inside of an apple pie! 

Our state-grown apples travelled less than 40 miles from farm to kitchen and arrived without a bad apple in the bunch. Packed at the peak of freshness, this spread is a real sweetie pie, and tastes like one too! Try this spread on toast, jam tarts, muffins, and yes- even grilled cheese. We recommend pairing this spread with a sharp cheddar, manchego, or gouda. 

With a variety of apples from not just one but two incredible orchards, each jar is full of homemade goodness. In 2018, Small Batch Kitchen purchased 250 pounds of apples from Highland Orchards in West Chester, PA and Frecon Farms in Boyertown, PA. The apples are grown using a method called Integrated Pest Management, which uses a combinations of methods to reduce pest damages while working with the surrounding environment. It is a very involved method which requires research and insight to the growing environment and then planning and perhaps rearranging to create a working system. You can read more about Integrated Pest Management here

Both Highland Orchards and Frecon Farms offer the opportunity to come pick your own crops as well as purchase ready picked in their markets. For more information on Highland Orchards and to view their pick your own availability, click here. For more information on Frecon Farms as well as their pick your own availability, click here

We love the farms and orchards that we work with. We make sure to bring in local, quality produce for making these delicious spreads for you and encourage you to visit the places where your food is grown. Fill your summer up with incredible events and the chance to bring to your table food that you picked yourself. 

Happy Tasting!

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