Cocktail Meatballs

Cocktail Meatballs

It was a snowy weekend, and I wanted to get something in the crockpot to cook while we shoveled out. 




I've also been thinking about easy ways to use SBK spreads in appetizers and other recipes and I remembered that classic cocktail meatball recipe - you know - grape jelly + chili sauce + frozen meatballs = delicious?


We don't make a grape jelly, so I decided to try this recipe with Spiced Blueberry Spread instead. Let's just say - it was a hit!


Cocktail Meatball Recipe:

1 bottle chili sauce 

12 ounces Spiced Blueberry Spread (I'm going to try this with Hot Pepper Spread, too. I bet that would be AMAZING!)

1 package frozen turkey meatballs 


Throw all ingredients in the crockpot. Our crockpot runs HOT, so I turned it on low and cooked for about 3 hours.


Serve at a party. Or, eat as a main dish. We had these with broccoli gratin and a slice of good bread. Perfect (easy!) winter meal!

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