August Flavor of the Month: Raspberry Fruit Spread

Looks like summer is already starting to wind down. I remember when I was a kid, summer seemed to last half of the year. We were lucky enough to visit my grandparents often as they only lived about a half an hour away. Their home was absolutely perfect: nestled in Bucks County they had just under an acre of yard for us kids to run around in. They had two cherry trees that were perfect for learning how to climb in and provided the most beautiful shade when they bloomed. My grandmother grew a huge garden with string bean vines so tall you could get lost in there.

And the raspberries. I will always remember the raspberries. My grandfather grew rows and rows of varieties of raspberries and blackberries. When we would visit, my grandparents would give each of us kids a bucket to fill and send us loose. We always brought back enough for my grandmother to make jam and other goodies and our bellies would be full. A fresh raspberry picked off the bush is an unforgettable taste.

Every time I open up a jar of our Raspberry Spread I can taste those summers. It's simple, fresh, and delicious. With only 3 grams of sugar per tablespoon, you get a real fruit spread that tastes fresh picked.

Brighten up your morning yogurt with a topping of this delightful spread. Turn a simple cheesecake into a decadent experience. In a pinch for a simple dessert that you still want to impress with? Use this spread to make an incredible jam tart.

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Happy Tasting everyone!


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